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Lara Kalo Museums / Galleries Barcelona Barcelona

Granada. 1982

My relationship with painting was born practically with me, I was always very close to it. My father painted at home, this made me grow between brushes. I think I intuitively started to study colors, shapes and textures before learning about styles, techniques, materials ... which helped me to understand the creation process years later, almost innately.

I studied Protocol and Public Relations, nothing to do with what I was really passionate about. But my determination to pursue my true dream led me to Paris to study Plastic Arts. I trained for 5 years in the French capital, where I did my first group exhibitions and then continued looking for inspiration in different areas, cities and countries.

I exhibited my work in England, Norway, the French West Indies, and life returned me to my homeland Granada, where I continued to train in the Advertising Graphic. I soon realized that my thing was the most direct creation, to feel it staining my hands and to feel in a real way what I created. This made me resume my artistic journey to Barcelona, where I have resided for 7 years.

Since then I have not stopped painting, researching and ultimately enjoying my work. After exhibiting in different galleries, civic centers, restaurants ..., I opened my own art space, Ciutat7 Gallery, where I keep working and exhibiting my works every day.
I feel very comfortable painting a portrait. I try to capture the personality, especially of women who, like me, jump over walls and barriers to achieve a dream. The colors I use drink from Fauvist influences where form is not what defines emotion, but color plays a very important role, being that my paintings are recognized for their expressive content. Not only do I intend to give an aesthetic shape to the canvas, but they also suggest living and real experiences.

This is a path that never ends because I will never have the feeling of the end, this is what makes it really interesting.